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DM Investment Advisors and General Business Consultants Ltd is registered under Pacra and Licensed by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Zambia for offer Investments advisory and General Business consultancies to all class of assets.

Services include but not limited to the following: 1. Source CHEAPER, QUICKER sources of finances for MSMEs/corporations; 2.Concept notes /Business plans 3. Portfolio Management; 4. Asset Allocation; 5. Investment advisory services across all class of assets,Shares ,Bonds,Treasury bills,Mutual funds,Unit investment trusts,Real estates and many more; 6. Property transfer; 7. Economic matters; 8. Business registration,and facilitation of other statutory documents; 9. Local benchmarking for both Local and Foreign investors; 10. Tax matters; 11. Facilitate Ratsa registration and renewals; 12. Facilitate buying of insurance,and renewals; 13. Project appraisals 14. Evaluate Business ideas for Viability; 15. Contact with investors in all sectors of economy who are ready ro partner with local investors; 16. Property buying,and selling; 17. Project management; 18. Audit services; this will be done by our auditors; 19. Preparation of bidding documents. 20. Preparation of club/cooperatives constitutions; 21. Research guidance at all levels

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